Why settle for simple draperies that looks okay when you could find draperies that inspire your home perfectly fit in with your décor. Choose from our wide range of drapery fabrics which include sheer curtains, upholstery fabric, blackout fabric, printed fabric, leatherette, upholstery material and velvet fabric. Add layers of volume, texture, and effortless design to appeal to your room with our custom made draperies.

Luxurious Sheer Panel envelops your room with lavish beauty. It’s perfect accent to any room. It diffuses light while keeping your room bright and airy. This sheer curtain lets the daylight through. But provide privacy so they are perfect to use in layered window solution. Fabric Life carries wide selection of sheer fabric.

In the same way a great accessory can transform an outfit, top treatment can dramatically change the look and feel of window . What was once an ordinary element of the room suddenly turn into a stylish focal point. By framing the top of window, valances add a sense of height and drama and give window a more tailored and designed look. Simply hang them alone or pair them with under treatment layered over shades, blinds or panels . They are also stylish way of keeping headrails concealed. Explore our line of valances.

Accentuate your room in your home with blackout curtain. Blackout curtain is the perfect solution for a peaceful sleep. Make sure no light comes through with our selection of blackout curtains. Our selection of blackout curtains block all lights and provide good heat and sound insulation.